Vision and Values

Vision and Values

'We support industrial development, the source of our wealth.'

We support industrial development by improving efficiency and safety and by eliminating repetitive and demanding tasks. We are familiar with industrial operations so we can offer solutions that do not require persuading customers with long pitches. Our knowledge gives us an edge over our competitors in the business, and we use it to benefit our clients and their projects. All this, along with comprehensible business arguments and close attention to our clients' needs, gives our partners certainty regarding the professional care they find with us.

We support employee development. We give each employee the opportunity to implement new ideas, learn from the experiences of previous generations, and benefit from a supportive environment for personal growth. We endeavour to listen and reply to everyone without exception, whether they voice their thoughts as job applicants, employees, or past employees. We are a stable and attractive employer.

Axima’s objective is to continue on the path of an open and fair approach to customers, suppliers, and employees. We want to resist the pressures that lead to idleness, opportunism, and intolerance in the positive sense of conservatism.

This is a difficult task, including but not limited to

- strengthening moral integrity, a sense of honour and courage both internally and externally

- ensuring the safety and dignity of all parties

- remembering basic human decency

- accepting responsibility for our decisions

- seeing projects through to the end

- keeping our word

- always seeking positive solutions and win-win situations

- abiding by stipulated rules and not tolerating inappropriate behaviour

- respecting the work and opinions of others

- having a sound view of environmental protection

... all while maintaining a sense of humour and common sense.